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Are your sales communication compelling for The Idea Economy?

Understand your customers!

Create motivation to listen!

Communicate your value!

Are your sales organization ready to grow the business and release your potential?

Analyze and identify the gaps!

Train and build knowledge & skills!

Turn competencies into revenue & profit!

Are your key strategic objectives understood by your sales force?

Set the path!

Communicate and envision!

Transform and grow!

The World - our surroundings are in Transformation!

We have for almost a decade and especially over the last 3-5 years witnessed a faster and more extensive change in business than in any time in history – referred to by many as the Idea Economy. And with the speed and velocity of changes we are seeing it is more applicable to call it Transformation – A definition could be that changes are things we do on a continual basis to improve all aspects of our business, whereas Transformation is when we do something completely different by challenging our own business model (the status quo) – Strategy, Go-To-Market, Leadership and how we Sell to customers and collaborate with Partners.

Transformation will make us become a stronger business and market player in the Idea Economy, where agility, speed and conversion are Strategy, where open transparent customer relations and collaboration are Go-To-Market and where focus on customers’ business outcomes and ROxI (Return On x-everything Investment) is the way Lead, Manage and Sell our business. This will enable us to Transform and become the “creators of our own destiny”

Easier said than done – because what’s holding us back is our legacy and culture and the challenge of being able to interpretive the new reality surrounding us. Mainly due to classical ways of developing, implementing, market and sell new initiatives – products and services.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”
– Peter Drucker

It requires that we can go “Meta” to our company and our self, creating another perspective, seeing our self from the outside = a MetaView (thereby our company name)

How can we help…

MetaView are passionate about developing our customers Business and the People that creates it. We help our customer in three key areas:

The New Style of Business – Strategy and Go-To-Market services

The New Style of Leadership – Management Development, Training & Coaching

The New Style of Selling – Sales Development, Training & Coaching

Ready to take a conversation about your business?

“With the right motivation and mindset, you will find a way! Without the right message or skills, you will find an excuse!

Jacob Gade - Partner & Sr. Consultant