A Leader in Outcome Based Transformation! The best way to predict your future is by creating it… 

At MetaView, we work to improve your business! 

With targeted Sales Advisory & Sales Transformation Programs, we help you creating the greatest possible business outcomes for your customers and ecosystem of partners.

Your goal is our goal

Our modest goal is for your organization to become world champions in Outcome Based Selling, so that you can create the greatest possible business outcomes for your customers.

Take control of your future

We specialize in working with technology driven companies, where digital- and consumption-based XaaS business models is the point of departure for insight-driven business future.

to greater performance

Our approach, methodologies and models are based on years of experience of sales transformation in the tech and services industry, complemented by continuous development of programs and trainings, based on scientific research and best practices.

What you gain

  • Proven track record of Outcome Based Selling programs, tools and language that gives your organization and your clients a common language to understand and transform their business successfully together ​

  • A mindset, methodology and toolbox to create business outcomes for your customers, partners and your desired business outcomes – In a partnership driven approach

400+ Outcome Based Selling programs delivered to 12.000+ people across the world in 11 languages​

"Fast fail is the most solid way to success"

We you

We are your support and adversary, but we are always on the same team

We don’t work for you – We work with you. Meant quite literally, because otherwise we can’t develop and train people in the context of your business and the direction you are heading. It’s essential that we understand your DNA, your challenges, your objectives and your market to deliver on our promise and help you experience the power of transformation.

We have all experienced transformations, both in our careers and as consultants, and we offer and share our in-depth knowledge about best practices and pitfalls, combined with research and hands-on tools, to help you transform your people and business to greater performance.

Once we know everything about you, we need to know everything about your customers…

We have no doubt that you know your customers well. But having said that, do you know how far they are in their transformation process? Or how to find out? We have the methods and methodology to help you find out. ​

​​It’s not about selling to your customers. It’s about helping them reaching  their business and financial outcomes even better through inspiration, insights, education and knowledge-sharing and delivering exactly the strategy and solution(s) customers needs today – And tomorrow.

They are honest and provocative. In a productive way. Because they forced us to realise the need for new ways to go to the market, and at the same time provided us with hands on tools, that our people soon learned to use effectively in the sales process.
Kirsten van Leeuwen
Sales Manager, DanofficeIT

Why Transform your business?

Why transform

"We are not telling you it’s going to be easy. We are telling you it’s going to be worth it!"

Some companies have taken control of their future and know where they’re going and when they’ll arrive. Others are still studying the itinerary.

Do we transform ourselves now while our customers and the market are transforming, and reap the rewards of the opportunities this creates? Or do we carry on as we’ve always done, seeing as that worked well for so many years?

But transformation is not a quick-fix. It’s a process that starts with you and requires commitment from top to bottom to succeed. And it’s a two-part process. One part you can do something about. The other lives its own life, but it applies to everyone.

We have various sales enablement programs for management and the sales department, covering everything from sales training and sales coaching to customer communication and governance.  

Because people are different and at different points in their careers, we coach at all levels. Some are on their way up. Others are at the top and want to stay there.  

But in general, we coach those with a desire to become even better, personally and professionally. And since, in our experience, most people need ongoing input, we will be available for up to six months after the end of the program.  

This is unique, but we have been in that situation ourselves, where you think things are going well, and then the client gets a new gatekeeper, the budget gets bigger or smaller, or some other situation occurs that requires insightful coaching.  

Ultimately, the goal is to find and release the potential unleashed energy that exists in your organization. Because it’s there. It just needs to be found, set free and given direction.

Sales transformation is an ongoing process

We engage with many business leaders who have realized that digital technology will either disrupt their business or open entirely new opportunities.  ​

​But from there, navigating the new digital technology opportunities and figuring out where to play and how to win, requires a new approach to business and people development. It can be challenging – Unless you ask us, of course.  ​

​We work internationally with the latest technology, so we have our finger on the pulse and know what opportunities and challenges new digital technology brings – and what your customers think about yours and competitors’ products.​

​We all know the famous quote; “culture eats strategy for breakfast” That’s why we start with the leaders, because as always, they must lead the way.

Our insight into the latest technology makes ​you perform better for your customers

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