4 years

What hit us was their insight into our business.

“They had prepared thoroughly. Read all annual reports. And were able to pose intelligent questions. This combined with their ability to keep up the energy and people engaged for a full day session, made the choice to work together easy. Actually no one ever looks at their phone when MetaView is on stage. To clarify customer satisfaction, we ask our customers a series of questions. One of them is: To which degree do our company sales person know your business and has the ability to challenge you? After working with MetaView for 4 years, the customer rating on this question has gone dramatically up, which means we bring more business value to our customers”.

Erik Samsonsen, Regional Director ATEA Norway


20% Annually growth

They are honest and provocative. In a productive way.

“Because they forced us to realise the need for new ways to go to the market, and at the same time provided us with hands on tools, that our people soon learned to use effectively in the sales process. They understand our business and industry and provide valuable knowledge and continuous training to keep us up to speed. In terms of business outcome, I am not saying it’s only due to Metaview, but since we started collaborating 5 years ago, our business has experienced 20% annually growth compared to the market in general.”

Kirsten van Leeuwen, Sales Manager DanofficeIT


Faster Than US

They have a rare ability to really understand your business...

They have a rare ability to really understand your business and market situation and how new technology can help you reach your commercial goals. In our case it’s not only about selling IT to the public sector, but selling IT to the international public sector, which often is located in areas of crisis e.g war. A big difference they have really understood. One of our key focusses has been improving our key account management, because our business are based on 3 to 5 year framework agreements. Obviously, it’s crucial for us to re-win these framework agreements, when they are up for review. So, If I have to pin point a direct and measurable outcome of our collaboration, we haven’t lost one framework agreement bid, since we started using MetaView and implemented their methodologies and models to drive our key account management.

Jan Linnet, Chief Commercial Officer DanofficeIT


They are

Brutally honest and highly provocative

“But this approach makes people react. And when you get a reaction, you have the chance to start a dialogue and inspire change. They are brave I would say. But the honesty and provocation have a purpose. Because when we are a bit uncertain about what the future will bring, they are out there trying to figure it out and understand the development in the business faster than the rest of us. Their business is to know what’s coming and inspire us to choose the right direction and strategy moving forward. And to develop the needed competencies in our team to be able to execute strategy. They have to be updated to be in front of the rest of us – and they are”

Jan Misser, Managing Director Datacon Enterprise Solutions 


They become

A part of the team and keep coming back with new methods, tools and engagement

“One of the things that make MetaView so special is that you get a long lasting and trustful relationship. They become a part of the team and keep coming back with new methods, tools and engagement. You can feel that they are in it for the long run and they have a genuine interest in you and your company. They are the most passionate and honest people I know and it’s a privilege working together. It’s difficult to put a precise number or result on our relationship, but I can say that the people, who have been trained and developed by Metaview from the start ten years ago, are our highest performing and most motivated people today. I am sure that our collaboration will continue years ahead from now. Because I trust them.”

Morten Illum, Vice President EMEA Aruba Networks – a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company


They are by far the

Most competent sales trainers I have met

“They provide the best learning experience in the business. They are honest and direct, which leads to us having loud discussions. But that is why we work with them. They challenge us to help us move forward and have been instrumental in our shift of focus from selling boxes to selling valuable solutions. The result is an annual growth of +20%. I would recommend MetaView to everybody. Except our competitors of course.”

Bo Reggelsen, Sales & Marketing Director Datacon Enterprise Solutions 


What you gain

The power of transformation!



The program met or exceeded expectations



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The program content was relevant to the job role



Have been able to apply program mindsets, methods 
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The program directly supported all the desired key metrics