Your business is our business.
Otherwise, we can’t help you

This is critical as well as necessary. It’s mandatory for us, to get know your reality, otherwise we can’t help you improve and develop your people and business.

The first step on the journey is to understand your context – business, goals, strategies and challenges and how they are communicated. If necessary, we ensure that management can take the lead on the desired direction.

Next, we execute the agreed Sales Transformation design and Outcome Based Enablement programs to the broader organization. These are all interconnected processes that need to interact in the organization, in order to create business outcomes for your customers.

Fundamentally we practice in-context engagement. We engage at all levels of your business. From business strategy and management to the tactical and operational execution, creating coherence from strategy to execution between all layers of the organization.

What you gain

We will give you a “MetaView” to your business:

  • You will learn new truth about your company, your performance, your human capital (people) and your potential​
  • This will have a positive effect on your business ability to grow and transform

A Nordic client in IT infrastructure services gained +20% in annually growth compared to the market in general, since they started working with us.

Earn your customers' trust. 

Become  uniquely  relevant

Effectively act

Our Sales Transformation and Enablement programs enable you to effectively act, navigate and target your sales engagement and communications, visualizing clear business outcomes for your customers.

Avoid communication gaps

By building your sales effort in this way, you avoid communication gaps and misunderstandings that can lead to prolonged sales processes and give the customer the impression that you’re not relevant to help them reach their outcomes.

Gain solid insight

What will set you apart from the competition is your ability to gain solid insight into customer relationships, so you can challenge and create business outcomes, establish genuine partnerships that will last. ​

Unique to the industry

And we do it in your context, which is unique. At the same time, we coach you through the program and up to six months after it ends. This is also unique to the industry, but coaching doesn’t stop just because you or your employees get more skilled.

What you gain

  • You will become uniquely relevant with your ability to gain solid insight into customer relationships
  • By using Sales Enablement programs in context your staff will understand instantly and be able to introduce the programs from day one
  • We help you develop your business based on insightful and relevant communications that make you more competitive and strengthen your top and bottom lines. 

International by heart.
And by presence.

Despite the digital technological possibilities today, you have to be physically present around the world to have in depth knowledge about the situation of world. That’s why we’re now represented in seven countries on three continents. With more on the way.

Our international DNA is an important starting point for our sales transformation programs, people and technology skills creating value around the world. Because we speak the local languages, understand the regional markets, their differences and similarities and the all-important business culture.

Otherwise we would not be able to deliver on our promise and create success for our customers operating all over the world.

world map@2x

Japan Office

Pretoria Office

Barcelona Office

Copenhagen Office

Vienna Office

Geneva Office

APAC (Virtuel)

North America (Virtuel)

What you gain

With Metaviews global presence we can implement training and coaching programs to all your company units around the would. It ensures a consistent level of selling competency and communications skills across the organisation.