First you hate us.
Then you thank us.

Sometimes first impressions don’t last. Because some of our customers initially call us “brutally honest and highly provocative”. But after realizing we are just an honest and dedicated teammate, not an adversary, they call us highly efficient and worth the effort and investment instead. It’s about playing the ball and not the man. About understanding that what we embark on is a continuous travel towards transformation. It is a tough, but also rewarding experience. And we are on your side all the way.

Knowledge, Skills & competency development From Good to Great to World-Class

World Class

This could be perceived as multi-dimensional application of concepts and understanding, with the natural and instinctive capability to execute based on the best practise through-out the sales cycle


This Level of competency means that there is application of understanding, most notably on verbal communications. This could be perceived as single dimensional application of concepts and understanding


This is applicable to skills and knowledge, and confirms an awareness of the topic / subject matter / tools / methodologies

Now, working from the meta mindset of going up a level, we also always address bad culture when we encounter it. Not everyone likes change. Those who have the courage to take an outside look at themselves and the desire to transform and become more skilled will be the leaders of the future. ​

Driving a Sales transformation process is not an easy task. It takes education, experience, communication and psychological skills, hands-on industry knowledge, honesty, energy and passion. So, our approach is to develop people from good to world class.  

“You simply can’t win if you never practice”

How we engage with our customers

The Metaview process