The transformers

What you see, is what
you are happy to get.

Some call us Transformation Agents or Culture Hackers or Business Provocateurs.

We call ourselves Charlotte, Carsten, Jacob and Fernando.

It’s not an easy task to drive a transformation process. It takes education, experience, communication and psychological skills, hands on industry knowledge, honesty, energy and passion. Below you can read why we might be worth calling, if you need to transform your business.

Jacob Gade

Partner & Sr. Consultant

Your transformation agent Jacob – has a unique ability to spot unleashed potentials in people and business.

Are famous for saying:
“Go out and be the best version of yourself! – humble and curious”
“The way we act – is the way we are perceived!”

Purpose in business: To see people grow and perform with good work & life balance.

Bonus info: Founded MetaView with a vision of developing people and business to become the creators of their own destiny.

Carsten Hoelstad

Partner & Sr. Consultant

Your transformation agent Carsten – is probably one of the best motivators in transforming people and business.

Are famous for saying:
“Execution beats knowledge every time!”
“Turn your intentions into actions!”

Purpose in business: Transformation – unleashing the potential of people and organizations – is my driver and motivation.

Bonus info: Is a volunteer mentor for socially vulnerable people

Metaviews approach.

We are passionate. We talk a lot about strategy and communication. But what you experience are not just words. It’s the power of transformation.

The truth can hurt.

We tell it as we see it, which can be a tough experience, because the truth can hurt. But honestly this is the only way to transformation and it’s worth the pain when you experience the results. We call it Culture Hacking!

Fernando Bandeira

Partner & Sr. Consultant

Your transformation agent Fernando – has a unique ability to take complex technical issues and turn them into simple and actionable items when transforming people and business.

Are famous for saying:
“Eat or be eaten!”
“The extra mile is never crowded!”

Purpose in business: Doing what I love is freedom; loving what I do is happiness

Bonus info: Have met Nelson Mandela

Robert Lampl

Director & Sr. Consultant

Your transformation agent Robert – has a unique ability to connect the areas of people, business and technology.

Is famous for saying: “It is about being active and do the right things! Success will be the logical result of this!”

Purpose in business: support people for their development and performance – looking always for improvements and innovation.

Bonus info: Acts also as mental coach and trainer for the art of self-defense.

Charlotte Schrohl

Project Manager

Your transformation agent Charlotte – is making it all come together, holding our customers hands and keeping focus on objectives, structure and execution.

Are famous for saying:
“Always put your customer first – and success will turn up at your doorstep”

Purpose in business: To collaborate with people with strong focus on empathy, respect and joy

Bonus info: Is a Six Sigma & Lean process expert

Daniel Kongstad Sebenius

Director & Sr. Consultant


Your transformation agent Daniel – is an expert in implementation, making sure that an organization embraces change and apply a high-performance behavior.


Are famous for saying: “We only have success, when our customers are successful”


Purpose in business: To expand individuals and organizations comfort zone and explore new business opportunities.


Bonus info:

Is on a constant personal development journey, combining work with hobby.

“When your hobby is your job, is it really work then?”

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