Outcome Based Transformation that fits you like a glove.

We deliver tailormade transformation. To be precise. The goal is outcome based transformation. The method is outcome based selling. And since no two businesses are the same, our approach to delivering transformation to you is modular.

We put together different Advisory, Leadership and Sales Transformation program modules to get you the desired outcomes, based on your business context.

Together, we’ll build the right approach for your people and business goals, challenges and results.

The modular approach is based on working across the business and programs offerings below.

We align confidence with competence – through strong learning journey experiences!


Sales Transformation

  • Sales Enablement Programs
  • Sales Communication Programs
  • Sales Advisory
  • Sales Coaching
  • Deal Shaping & Tender Services
  • Talent Development Programs

Sales Leadership

  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Management Enablement
  • Sales Management Coaching
  • Sales Management Advisory
  • Sales Governance

Sales Advisory

  • Where to Play – How to Win
  • Business Development​​
  • Sales Strategy & Go-To-Market​​
  • Culture Hacking & Behavior Programs

Sales Transformation

Is an ongoing process

We have various sales enablement programs for management and the sales department, covering everything from sales training and sales coaching to customer communication and governance.  

Because people are different and at different points in their careers, we coach at all levels. Some are on their way up. Others are at the top and want to stay there.  

But in general, we coach those with a desire to become even better, personally and professionally. And since, in our experience, most people need ongoing input, we will be available for up to six months after the end of the program.  

This is unique, but we have been in that situation ourselves, where you think things are going well, and then the client gets a new gatekeeper, the budget gets bigger or smaller, or some other situation occurs that requires insightful coaching.  

Ultimately, the goal is to find and release the potential unleashed energy that exists in your organization. Because it’s there. It just needs to be found, set free and given direction.

What you gain

"The extra mile is never crowded"

An organization where everybody has received ongoing training and coaching tailored to their specific needs and skills. This will enable you to practice and succeed with the outcome-based selling much faster.   


From pilot to sales enablement, coaching ​​ and continued learning

When we have agreed on a Sales transformation design, the process begins with a pilot project that can be scaled up or down as needed. Then the specialized leadership program “Leaders go first” is run, so leaders know what their employees must go through and what they need to do to support and ensure implementation and retention. ​

The sales enablement program itself includes sales programs with training and coaching. We come in and work and coach on your individual clients and current cases. ​

Finally, we have continuous learning for up to six months after the program, so there is constant follow-up and evaluation. In our experience, this is the best way to embed new skills.

What you gain

Everybody from leaders to the employees in your organization will learn the sales transformation programs. This will create a common language, a set of values and goals to operate from. 

The best way to learn is in context. ​ Everything else is theory. ​

Where the MetaView Outcome Based Selling approach really stand out from other great Sales Enablement companies is in our strong focus on context, insight and knowledge. We have all previously worked as managers and employees in the positions we are now helping to transform for the new market paradigm. ​

This means we have the tools and methodology to quickly get to grips with your business from A-Z. And that’s why all our training and knowledge-sharing takes place in your context, at ground-level at your customer’s site or in the boardroom, or wherever it makes the most sense in your context. ​

What you gain
is an enablement
winning recipe​

This is how our sales enablement programs move from being theoretical to being completely comprehensible and relevant. Your employees can use our knowledge, insights and methodologies from day one when they return from our courses. ​

We call it the Sales Enablement Winning Recipe, and anyone can learn how to do it! 

MetaView Enablement Winning Recipe

Where to Play, how to win!​ Sales Advisory

Our Sales Success approach A.P.P.T.:

Our Sales Success approach is a 4-step engagement that will help you:


Assess your sales force capability vs. required execution

SWOT & Key Success Factors



Plan your sales by Industry – by District & by Account

Outside-In Account transformation planning & Stakeholder success​



Perform against your objectives

Sales Revenue, Profitability & Operational KPI & Milestones ​



Transform your capabilities

Competitive Edge Learning Culture

We help you build the bridge between Strategy and Execution, ​ so that your sales teams ( KAM, AM, ISRs, Presales, EA, Consultants) can:


Relate to your strategy and how they can contribute to it

Objectives and key results​



Execute your strategy

Clarity of purpose & CRM engagement​



Feel rewarded for their contribution

Motivation to succeed 



Win more business, More often

Operational success & metrics​

What you gain

  • An “Outcome based” Metaview Capability Gap assessment, and a sales transformation roadmap
  • An engaged salesforce that wins more business by “Designing Customer Value” not by “Discounting prices”
  • A learning organization that focuses on Customer success and how to replicates best practices & wins together

“A Goal without a Plan is just a dream…”

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Sales Leadership

Leaders go first 

It’s important to understand that we develop your people in their business context. And the context of your customers, because the two are linked together.

When you’re on the same side of the table as your customers, you gain insight and therefore take a big step ahead of your competitors.  

To ensure the success of our sales enablement programs, it’s important that leaders embrace it. And they will only do so when they see that we are right in what we say and do. That’s why the first step with us is for managers to participate in our programs and be introduced to what their employees will learn.

It also ensures that expectations are effectively aligned, and employees know what managers expect of them when they leave us. It always has a more profound and more motivating effect when leaders know what their people have learned and now need to master.

What you gain

"As with all other learning, there is a before, during and after."  

It’s important to understand that, once you learn the MetaView way of thinking, you won’t have to worry about it being forgotten or going away again. What you are embarking on is not a course, it’s a transformation. Because you don’t simply need to understand it, you need to use it, communicate it and master it.  

And by mastery, we mean that it becomes part of the way you think, act and are. And when everyone masters the same way of thinking and acting, it becomes part of your enduring winning culture.