From pilot to ... ...sales enablement, coaching and continued learning

When we have agreed on a Sales transformation design, the process begins with a pilot project that can be scaled up or down as needed. Then the specialized leadership program “Leaders go first” is run, so leaders know what their employees must go through and what they need to do to support and ensure implementation and retention. ​


​ The sales enablement program

The sales enablement program itself includes sales programs with training and coaching. We come in and work and coach on your individual clients and current cases. ​

Finally, we have continuous learning for up to six months after the program, so there is constant follow-up and evaluation. In our experience, this is the best way to embed new skills.

What you gain

Everybody from leaders to the employees in your organization will learn the sales transformation programs. This will create a common language, a set of values and goals to operate from. 

The best way to learn is in context. ​ Everything else is theory. ​

Where the MetaView Outcome Based Selling approach really stand out from other great Sales Enablement companies is in our strong focus on context, insight and knowledge. We have all previously worked as managers and employees in the positions we are now helping to transform for the new market paradigm. ​

This means we have the tools and methodology to quickly get to grips with your business from A-Z. And that’s why all our training and knowledge-sharing takes place in your context, at ground-level at your customer’s site or in the boardroom, or wherever it makes the most sense in your context. ​

What you gain
is an enablement
winning recipe​

This is how our sales enablement programs move from being theoretical to being completely comprehensible and relevant. Your employees can use our knowledge, insights and methodologies from day one when they return from our courses. ​

We call it the Sales Enablement Winning Recipe, and anyone can learn how to do it!